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Lucianna Gladney-Ross

 Mrs. Lucianna Gladney-Ross

In Memory of Lucianna Gladney-Ross

March 21, 1915  - January 25th, 2012

Mrs. Lucianna Gladney-Ross, heiress to the 7-UP fortune, was the driving force behind the preservation of Kimmswick. Without her love for the town, Kimmswick as we know it would never have been possible. It was her vision and guidance that preserved Kimmswick for the thousands of people from around the world who visit here every year and see her work first hand.

In the 1970's, with many of the old buildings in Kimmswick being torn down or falling down, such as the National Hotel and the Woodman hall, it was the glaring loss of these historic buildings that generated in the mind of Lucianna Gladney-Ross the idea of restoring Kimmswick. The restoration began with several of the old homes being renovated and re-purposed into quaint shops. This plan worked quite well and many more homes and buildings followed.

A unique feature of this renovation project can be seen on the block bounded by Second, Elm, Third and Oak Streets. Old log buildings from throughout St. Louis county and surrounding areas were dismantled, their logs numbered, and re-assembled in Kimmswick so that they too might be preserved for future generations.

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